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October 4, 2017

Rick Middleton

I hope everyone had a great summer and that you were successful in finding time to relax and share our beautiful Southern California parks and beaches with family and friends. As usual, I want to remind everyone to drive safely, whether it’s in your work or personal vehicle, and specifically, to follow the law regarding cell phone usage. Please do not jeopardize your job over a phone call. I look forward to resuming our monthly general membership meetings this month and encourage you to attend and get involved in your local union.

Steve Badger

Star Fisheries, several grievances were filed to challenge numerous contract violations. I am happy to report all grievances were favorably settled with backpay. Ralphs Transportation, the Locals and the Company negotiated a Drive-Cam agreement that includes progressive steps of discipline. The agreement will be posted on the Union bulletin board for your review and the stewards will have copies of the agreement made available to them. The Company informed the Local that it has completed its time study at the Compton facility for the new driver pre-trip procedures. The IBT will now conduct its own time study on the new procedures. Stay tuned. All drivers need to check their attendance record every 30 days; you can do this by filling out an attendance form that requests your record. The form is available from the office clerk in the dispatch office. Last, but not least, congratulations to Enrique Delgadillo and Ron Collins on their recent retirements.

Grace Guitron

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Summer. First Student Palm Springs & San Fernando, we had successful craft meetings at each location. More meetings will be scheduled throughout the school year. Student Transportation of America, John Taylor is our new Shop Steward at this yard. I’m looking forward to working with him. First Student Hesperia, Congratulations to our Hesperia drivers. Two of them were recently recognized for their continuous safety practices: Driver Seidy Morales for finding a sleeping child on her bus and Driver Ernest Vannorsdell for preventing a child from choking on his bus.

John Flammia

UPS, I want to thank everyone who filled out a contract survey and attended our contract proposal meeting. I have tabulated all the surveys, written out the proposals, including those made at the meeting, and have sent them in. We have been working on the terms under which people will be moved to the new Compton building. Our goal is to insure our members’ seniority is recognized and that none of our members face layoffs because of the movement of work. As of the time of this printing, jurisdiction of the Compton building has not been decided. The Company’s projected date for Compton to go online is November 4, 2017.

Adriana Salazar Avila, Tom Beatty & Mike Ford

LAUSD, as many of you may know, our first healthcare bargaining session with the District was Wednesday, September 20th. We went to the table with the other seven Unions that represent LAUSD employees.

Here’s what happened: After months of the District complaining that the cost of employee healthcare is unsustainable and threats of employee benefit reductions, the District failed to make a formal proposal at the bargaining table. According to the District, they did not want to provide a proposal that we could share with our members. Instead, the District told the Unions to identify our own healthcare cuts from a “menu” (provided to the School Board at their healthcare retreat) that includes employee/retiree monthly premium contributions of up to 20%, elimination of dependent coverage, elimination of plan options, and tiering of retiree healthcare. Ironically, during its presentation at the School Board retreat, the District repeated several times that the presentation was in no way a proposal. The District stated very clearly that it does not plan to continue funding healthcare at the current level and that it will not continue with the “status-quo.” So, the fight that we expected is on.

The Unions proposed a six-year continuation of active and retiree healthcare, including a firm commitment from the District to continue its annual financial increases in its contribution to cover rising costs. Follow-up healthcare bargaining dates are scheduled for October 11 and October 26. We will keep you posted.

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