365 Days Until Costco National Contract Expires

The Costco National Contract expires January 31, 2025. That means Costco Teamsters have exactly one year to mobilize and organize to secure another record-setting agreement at the wholesale retailer.

After last month’s historic organizing win in Norfolk, Va., Costco workers across the country have been reaching out to the Teamsters seeking a strong union voice.

Costco workers in Virginia knew the only way to protect themselves was by becoming Teamsters.

Costco loves to play the ‘good employer’ in public, and there was a time when this was the case. But in the months and years following the pandemic – when buying in bulk became bigger than ever – times have changed.

In 2022, more than 18,000 Costco Teamsters took a stand to prevent more potential backsliding at the company and negotiated a first-ever national contract, securing major improvements across the board.

Now it’s time to build on this momentum and grow Teamster strength even more in 2024.

Get on board the Costco train! Get benefits in bulk! Become a Costco Teamster today!

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