News from February 2018

February 15, 2018 (Publication date)

Southern California Teamsters  Publication, Local 572 news:

Mike Ford

LAUSD: There were some outstanding issues resolved at the beginning of this year. For example, a member who worked as a Manager for three shifts was on-call during this period but was not paid for phone calls he answered.  After a long and detailed process, which involved going through numerous records with the District, we were able to get him paid additional compensation for the extra work he performed.

On a broader note, the coalition of unions at LAUSD were able to reach a Tentative Agreement on Health Benefits and prevent healthcare cuts for our members.  This Agreement includes:

  • A 3-year healthcare agreement for eligible employees and retirees
  • Preservation of all current healthcare plans, at no additional costs to members
  • No two-tier system with lower benefits for new employees
  • A guaranteed reserve to help pay for cost increases beyond 2020

Additionally, we will be going into 2017-2020 Successor Contract negotiations in February.

Andy Marshall

United Parcel Service Contract Negotiations Update

Negotiations for the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement commenced on January 22nd, 2018 in San Diego, California. The National Negotiating Committees for the Union and the Company exchanged initial proposals and continued to negotiate for four days. The Union’s initial proposals can be viewed online using the IBT’s UPS Rising Application. The second week of negotiations took place in Alexandria, Virginia from January 29th through February 1st, and included serious discussions on the topics of harassment, 9.5 issues and relief from excessive overtime, supervisors working, and the 70 hour-8-day workweek fiasco implemented by UPS this past Christmas. Negotiations will continue February 19th through the 22nd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and February 26th through March 1st in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Negotiations for the Western Region Supplemental Agreement continued with the second negotiating session taking place on January 8th and 9th, 2018. The Union and Company Negotiating Committees have exchanged initial proposals and the Union Committee continues to fight for improvements throughout the contract. The third negotiating session will take place February 12th and 13th, followed by the fourth negotiating session March 26th and 27th.

Negotiations for the Southwest Package Rider and the Southwest Sort Rider continued with the second negotiating sessions taking place on January 10th, 11th and 12th, 2018. The Union and Company Negotiating Committees have exchanged initial proposals and the Union Committee continues to fight for improvements throughout the contract. The third negotiating sessions will take place in mid-February followed by the fourth negotiating sessions in late March.

Jaime Villanueva

Acts: Members now have two options when clocking in and out. You can download the program into your phone and clock in as soon as you get to your work area or use the Company phone that’s available at each location, to clock in or out.

Gate Gourmet: I am currently going through the documents that the company provided regarding the grievance I filed for improper layoffs that occurred because of the American Air Lines flight reductions.

Aramark: The Stewards and I met with the Management to address your concerns about cooler-wear. Management is currently distributing new cooler suits to everyone working in that area.

Doug Brown

GCC Shops—I will be distributing contracts to the membership at Orora Visual as soon as possible. Negotiations are ongoing at Continental Colorcraft Litho and Bindery, and a contract extension is in effect at KC Photo.

Costco—Pay raises for topped-out employees will be effective the first full week after February 1, 2018.  Employees who have accrued 9200 or 12400 hours on February 1 will be eligible for the extra check in March. I will be going over the clerk hour reports for each warehouse to determine how many employees will be eligible to receive clerk pay going forward. Clerk pay is $1.60 per hour above the topped-out rate.  Please continue to pray for Costco Shop Steward Mitzie Mendoza. Teamster members have stood in solidarity with Mitzie and raised over $2500 by selling nachos in the break room and donating over 130 vacation days.

Lonnie Holmes

First Student:  I’m pleased to report that our two-week strike at First Student Pasadena has ended. Thanks to all our members who stood strong, a new three-year contract was overwhelmingly ratified, and the Company is acting to make much need repairs to the facility. Thanks to all of you who supported Local 572 and yourself by having confidence in Local 572’s leadership. As things settle down, the Local will address members who crossed the picket line and I will work to resolve all legitimate grievances that were filed before our strike began.

Durham:  By the time you read this article I will have favorably resolved all seven of the open grievance at San Bernardino. Thanks to your shop stewards who have done a great job representing you.

Steve Badger

Ralphs Transportation:  Ralphs informed all Locals that the Drive-Cams have been installed. Effective May 1 the Company will begin issuing discipline using information gained through use of this technology, so please do everything by the book, even if it takes extra time; remember, you get paid by the hour.

The Company has also implemented that I have filed a grievance over. The IBT is scheduled to perform a time study on the Company’s new pre-trip procedure. This study will begin on February 19.

The Company is also cracking down on unreported store or yard delays lasting over 15 minutes. Make sure you call them in; again, you get paid by the hour so make sure you key all the information into your OBR in the tractor that you are driving.

All the above seems to be driven by Senior Transportation Manager Brandon McBurney who appears to have little regard for our CBA. However, the Local will take all legal action to get this guy to wake up and play by the rules. Enough is enough.

Finally, congratulations to the following retires: Enrique Delgadillo, Luis Ochoa, Ron Collins, Jose Cortez, and David Turner. I wish the best for you in the future.


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