May 24, 2017 (Publication Date June 1, 2017)
Southern California Teamster Newspaper Articles from Local 572

Rick Middleton:

As you probably know, our members working at Star Fisheries have been on strike for the past 18 months. The need to strike this antiunion company became apparent when, after several months of tough negotiations, the company proposed a dramatic increase in the cost of health care benefits and the elimination of our member’s union pension plan.

During the strike the company’s anti-union position intensified and it committed numerous unfair labor practices against our members and Local 572. Charges were filed by the union, our members remained united, and I’m pleased to report that we prevailed in court and our members will be returning to work under court order. While final resolution of the unfair labor practices is still pending, I am confident that we will prevail at hearing.

Thank you to our members who stayed united and trusted their union representatives instead of company officials who wanted to deny them their right to remain Teamsters. Also thanks to our in-house legal counsel Lourdes Garcia who did a great job representing us at the NLRB. Finally, thanks to Steve Badger and the entire Local 572 staff who supported and directed our striking members.

We are fighting the good fight!

Rick Middleton,

Graciela Guitron:

On August 1, 2017, First Student Hesperia will have its Start Up Meeting split into three days. Day one shall consist of a morning and afternoon in-service meeting. On August 2, 2017 Aides, only shall attend the in-service meeting. On August 3, 2017, all employees must attend bid day.

I continue to have Craft Meetings at First Student Hesperia and Palm Springs. They have been well attended.

I will schedule a Craft Meeting at First Student San Fernando when our members return from Summer Break.

A successful Craft Meeting was held at M.A.R.T.A. Big Bear and Crestline.

All drivers and attendants, please drive safely and enjoy your Summer!

Adriana S Avila, Tom Beatty, & Mike Ford:

As our members know, LAUSD and the Labor movement lost an advocate and ally when Steve Zimmer lost his election to Nick Melvoin who was bankrolled and backed by Charter school special interests. What does this mean for our members? With the loss of Zimmer and the addition of Melvoin and Kelly Fitzpatrick-Gomez to the School Board, the Board has shifted from Labor friendly to a Board more receptive to the creation of Charter Schools. As a result, LAUSD Teamsters need to stay united in their efforts to preserve the benefits and job security that we fought so hard to obtain.

This fight will begin with the 2017-2020 Contract Negotiations. By now, all members should have received and returned your Negotiation Survey and ballot for the election of the 2017-2020 Negotiation Committee. I thank Rene Adad, Eliza Amezcua, Roel Arambulo, John Aull, Tyrone Candler, Freddy Campos, Andrea Cephas, Michelle Coogan, Evelyn Diaz, Jaime Escarzaga, Jorge Garcia, Arlene Hopkins, Bruce Huff, La Shonda Kirk, Norma Muniz, Sandra Odom, Jere Sparks, Teresa Ventura, Kimberly Winckler, and Johnny Young for desiring to represent LAUSD members at the table. An official announcement will be sent to the membership with the names of the 2017-2020 Negotiation Committee members you elected from among this field of candidates.

John Flammia:

I’m pleased to congratulate long time Hermosa Center Driver Terry Watanabe on his retirement. We wish you a long and happy retirement, you will be missed at the Gardena building. As the 2018 contract negations approach we need to start thinking about what issues are most important to us, and what changes we want to make. Andy and I will schedule meetings to put your proposals together. The Package Division has set up a Face book page UPS rising and @upsrising on twitter to keep us informed on any developments and to get our input moving forward.

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