Why Unions?

There are many advantages to becoming a union member

Collective bargaining, or contract negotiations, is the heart and soul of the labor movement. It is when workers band together to negotiate workplace matters with their employer.

The result of contract negotiations is a collective bargaining agreement that spells out in black and white all the terms both parties agree to, from pay rates and benefits, to a grievance procedure, time off and more. You also enjoy a wide range of benefits by being a member, view more information here.

The employees, or bargaining unit, generally nominate a few of their coworkers to represent them, along with expert negotiators from the union. Once the negotiating team reaches a tentative agreement with management, the bargaining unit meets to vote the contract terms up or down. This is called the ratification process. The contract only goes into effect if a majority of the employees approve the tentative agreement.

The specifics of a union contract will vary from one worksite, or employer, to the next, but generally includes provisions on:

  • Wages, hours and working conditions, including fringe benefits
  • Health and safety
  • Non-discrimination
  • Term of Agreement
  • Discipline
  • Seniority
  • Union security
  • Grievance procedures
  • Arbitration

The Teamsters Union also performs vital tasks in such areas as pension management, safety & health, community outreach, governmental affairs and communications.

For more than a century, the Teamsters have been a public voice for the rights and aspirations of working men and women and a key player in securing them.

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